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Lonely Travelers Safety Guide

Dear Traveler

Safety is never out of date. These tips for those women traveling alone are applicable, in deed to all; some tips that are those that we have gathered over the years, some from friends, some from our own personal experience. Hopefully that you will find them interesting and helpful. All safety start basically using common sense. Don't do anything that you would't do at home: don't accept a ride from a stranger or go into strange neighborhoods alone after dark, do not flash a lot of money, or wear a lot of jewelry. Don't ever leave your valuables lying around.

Never accept a room on the first floor. Once in your room, immediately check all windows and doors for proper locking mechanisms. Upon re-entering your room, each and every time, check the sliding doors again, as the cleaning staff may sometimes open the doors for some reason and forget to lock them. It is also not a bad idea to check under the bed and in the closets and shower stall, when you come back to your room. Better safe than sorry! When you register at the front desk, ask the clerk to please write your room number on a slip of paper rather than announce it aloud. If he/she does announce it, just ask for another room.
As soon as you enter your room, walk down the hallway and count the number of doorways to the exit. Do this on an airplane as well--it just might save your life. If you feel uneasy about a person in the lobby watching you get into the elevator, press a number of different buttons, so that they do not know where you got off. It is always a good idea to let men think that you are not traveling alone, that you do have someone sharing your room. You might also want to wear cheap wedding bands so that you look like you are married and probably will be hassled less. If something doesn't feel right to you, or you have a gut feeling, do not hesitate to call hotel security. That is what they are there for! Always park your car in a well lit area. If you don't feel right about walking in the lot/garage at night, go to the front and ask security to meet you at your car. Never leave anything in the car that might invite theft...always put your things into the trunk, or even take your valuables into your room with you.
We hope that some of these ideas have been helpful to you, safe traveling and happy holidays!


Take with you just the money you will need for your expected daily expenses. It is advisable to carry an ID with you at all times. Do not leave Lima without your passport, always keep a copy of your passport which may be useful in case of loss. Should this happen, contact your consulate. Do not wear any jewerly when sightseeing or on tour. When outside the hotel, always keep a watchfull eye on your belongings, such as cameras, video equipment, walkmans, etc. Keep your money and valuables at the hotel safe. Always agree beforehand with drivers, guides and anybody providing services, the cost of taxis, food and / or tours.
Do not eat food or drink bevarages which are not packed / canned or bottled.

Foreing currency can be exchanged at banks and casas de cambio ( currency exchange agencies ) in all major districs. In addition, most hotels and street money changers doing brisk business in all avenues, will also do the job. Remember that, in general street money exchanges should be avoided, unless they beat a proper ID. And perhaps it is a good idea not to change your currency at all, as US Dollars are accepted just about everywhere ( in restaurants, shops, hotels and the like ) at a rate of exhange slightly below the prevailing market rate. Damaged or torn bill are not accepted or exchanged at a much lower rate. All major credit cards are generally accepted, although it is advisable to check in advance, some estableshiments surcharge a 5% for the use of a credit card.

The best way to cash your Traveler's Check is at any branch of the Banco de Credito del Peru. They will give peruvian currency or US $ with no comission fees at all. Other Banks or "casa de cambio " cash with comision fees of about 2% to 7%, be aware, ask first.



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